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10th Annual Global Sustainability Film Awards Announced

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Outstanding films in 10 categories recognized for attempts to raise awareness, inspire action on environmental and sustainability issues

Films on sustainable coffee production, ocean pollution, and race relations were among the winners of the 10th annual Global Sustainability Film Awards, organized by British charity tve with Blockchain World, recognizing outstanding films from the business, non-profit, media and creative sectors that inspire audiences with real-world solutions for a more sustainable future.

Announced in London on Dec. 6, the 2021 awards picked out winners under 10 categories—nine competitive and one nominated. According to a statement issued by tve, the 10 winners were selected from over 90 film submissions from 27 countries. The victors were shortlisted by tve-appointed jury panels, with the final awards decided by a judging panel comprising leading sustainability specialists and eminent film/communications experts.

“I am delighted to congratulate the worthy winners of the landmark 10th tve-GSFA. The global participation in these awards is a matter of great satisfaction indicating the increasing concern organizations and individuals have for the environment,” read a statement from Surina Narula, the founder of the GSFA.

According to the tve, the winning films were judged on the basis of five factors: creative visualization, with an emphasis on the power of storytelling and the clarity of communication; engagement—whether the film retained the audience’s attention; sustainability relevance—whether the film addressed a relevant sustainable development goal and explained its importance and possible solution; credible—whether the sustainability activities were portrayed believably; and impact, focusing on whether the film effectively delivered its message to its target audience.

The tve noted that films were a powerful tool for raising public awareness, shifting public opinion and inspiring action. It said the GSFA sought to promote effective, credible solutions-oriented storytelling about environmental and sustainability issues. “It is unique and different from other awards is that it is both a film awards and a sustainability awards—entries are judged on the power of their storytelling and creativity, as well as on the credibility and impact of their content,” it said, adding that the award categories recognized various types of sustainability issues and storytelling formats that sought to address different audiences.

“We believe our efforts will continue to add value to the resolution of climate change devastations,” tve Chair Mei-Sim Lai said in a statement.

The Winners:

Young Filmmaker Award Its Bean Too Hot (Hedvika Michnova, U.K.)

Adaptation & Resilience Fixing India: How Community Media Like Video Volunteers Changed During COVID-19 (Video Volunteers, India)

Nature Based Solutions Voice Above Water (Turning Tides Films, U.S.; Directed by Dana Frankoff)

Energy Transitions NORCAP Energy. A commitment for the communities-(Panot Films and Norwegian Refugee Council, Norway)

Clean Transport Swytch—Your Bicycle. Electric. The World’s Smallest & Lightest eBike Conversion Kit (Swytch Technology, U.K.)

Financing Sustainability Our Planet: Too Big To Fail (WWF-UK & Silverback Films, U.K.)

Transforming Society S.T.O.P. (Stop The Ocean Pollution) (Plastic Oceans International, Czech Republic)

Documentary Impact Thank You for the Rain (Banyak Films, U.K.)

AI and Digital Innovation The Life Value of Energy (Bittwatt, Singapore)

Founder’s Award Passing

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