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Ahmadi Man Shot Dead in Lahore

by AFP

File Photo. Asif Hassan—AFP

The 68-year-old veterinarian was driving with his family when two gunmen shot him dead.

Gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead a man from a persecuted Muslim sect in Lahore on Friday, police said, in the second such drive-by attack in recent days.

Ashfaq Ahmad, a 68-year-old veterinarian, was driving with his family in the Punjab capital when two shooters blocked his way and opened fire, killing him on the spot.

Local police, who confirmed the victim was from the minority Ahmadi religious group, said they were still investigating possible motives for the murder. “We are trying to ascertain if it was a target killing or if there was any other reason behind it,” said local police official Qaiser Aziz.

Ahmadis were legally declared non-Muslims by Pakistan in 1974 and are long persecuted. A spokesman for the Ahmadi community in Pakistan condemned the shooting, terming it a targeted killing, in a statement on Friday.

The attack comes just over a week after Malik Saleem Lateef, a relative of the 1979 Nobel Prize-winning physicist Abdus Salaam, was killed on his way to a court complex on March 30.

Six Ahmadis were murdered because of their beliefs last year, according to an annual report recently published by the community.

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