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Annual Exchange

by Newsweek Pakistan

Pakistan, India conduct yearly update of each other’s nuclear facilities, foreign prisoners

Pakistan and India on Wednesday marked the start of the new year by exchanging lists of their nuclear installations and facilities, as well as the number of each others’ citizens currently detained in prisons.

The exchange of the nuclear facility lists is an annual occurrence under Article II of the Agreement on Prohibition of Attacks against Nuclear Installations and Facilities between Pakistan and India, signed on Dec. 31, 1988. Under the accord, both countries are required to inform each other of their respective nuclear installations and facilities on Jan. 1 every year—a process that has been maintained regardless of ties since Jan. 1, 1992.

Pakistan’s list of nuclear installations was officially handed over to a representative of the Indian High Commission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Office. Meanwhile, India’s Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi handed over a list of Delhi’s nuclear facilities to a representative of the Pakistan High Commission.

Similarly, under a Consular Access Agreement between Islamabad and New Delhi, the two nations exchanged a list of each other’s nationals that are currently detained in their respective prisons. Inked on May 21, 2008, the agreement required both countries to exchange lists of prisoners twice a year—on Jan. 1 and July 1.

According to the lists exchanged this year, Pakistan said it had 282 Indian prisoners in its custody, including 55 civilians and 227 fishermen who strayed into territorial waters. India, meanwhile, said it had 366 Pakistani prisoners, including 267 civilians and 99 fishermen.

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