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Blasphemy Accused Ahmadi Assassinated in Police Custody

by AFP
Asif Hassan—AFP

Asif Hassan—AFP

Teenager pretending to be policeman taken into custody after he kills blasphemy accused man.

An Ahmadiyya man facing blasphemy charges was murdered in a police station in Punjab province on Friday night, officials said.

Khalil Ahmed was shot dead in the village of Bohi Wal in the district of Sheikhupura, police said. A representative of the Ahmadi community, which is among the most persecuted of Pakistan’s minorities, also confirmed the incident.

“Khalil Ahmed, in his sixties, was facing blasphemy charges and was locked up in the police station. The police told us that he has been shot dead inside the cell,” said Saleem Uddin, a member of the Ahmadi community.

A local police official in Sheikhupura who spoke on condition of anonymity said the local Ahmadi community clashed with other residents five days ago over anti-Ahmadi posters pasted outside a village shop. “Three young boys from the [Ahmadi] community protested to the shopkeeper over the posters. The verbal brawl soon turned into a clash … as [other] people joined them. Religious leaders started making announcements from the local mosques accusing Khalil, who had joined the three young people, of committing blasphemy against Islam.”

Ehasan Elahi, a senior police official, said a report was lodged against the three boys and Ahmed for insulting Islam. Elahi said the boys were freed on bail while an application of bail for the release of Ahmed was pending with a local court when he was shot dead inside the police lock-up.

“A young man in his late teens wearing police uniform came to the police station and asked about Khalil. The police told him that Khalil is in the lock-up. He went straight to the lock-up and asked for Khalil and shot him dead,” said Elahi, adding the man was arrested on the spot. “He is a student and we are investigating him,” he said.

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Dr Imran Ahmed May 18, 2014 - 5:13 pm

I do hope the youth also gets summary execution.

Dr. Salim Haidrani: London: UK May 19, 2014 - 11:07 pm

If you break my eye, I break yours, this world will become a blind place.
Gandhi Ji said this about 70 years ago in India.


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