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By the Numbers: Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients in Pakistan

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Courtesy Ministry of Defense Production

NCOC issues 250 additional ventilators to provincial authorities to enhance national capacity for critical care patients

The National Command and Operation Center on Sunday announced that in the past week it has allocated and provided—through the National Disaster Management Authority—250 additional ventilators to hospitals across Pakistan to enhance critical care capacity for patients of the novel coronavirus.

According to the data provide by the NCOC, 72 ventilators have been issued to Punjab; 52 each to Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; 34 to Islamabad; 20 to Balochistan; and 10 each to Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

“The purpose behind this decision is to enhance capacity and meet requirements of provinces, including Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and the Federal Capital,” the NCOC said in a statement.

Summarizing existing facilities in major cities, the NCOC said that 32 percent of the ventilators in the country had been allocated for COVID patients thus far.


In Faisalabad, 150 ventilators are available, with 5 of the 57 allocated for COVID-19 patients currently occupied; In provincial capital Lahore—seen as the current epicenter of the virus—there are 793 available ventilators, with 77 of the 214 allocated for coronavirus currently occupied.

In Multan and Rawalpindi, 150 and 229 ventilators are available, respectively.


In provincial capital Karachi, the number of available ventilators is 461 while 136 have been allocated to corona patients; In Hyderabad, the number of available ventilators is 50, of which 20 are available for COVID-19 patients.


In provincial capital Peshawar, the number of available ventilators is 171, of which 75 have been allocated for COVID-19. Of these, 47 are occupied; In Abbottabad, the number of available ventilators is 25, of which 12 have been allocated for coronavirus, and four are currently occupied.


In Quetta, the number of available ventilators is 61, of which 29 are allocated for COVID patients.

Federal areas

In Gilgit, the number of available ventilators is 26, of which 5 are allocated for COVID-19, and one is currently occupied; In Mirpur, there are 11 available ventilators, with all allocated for COVID.

In Muzaffarabad, there are 28 available ventilators, of which 18 are allocated for COVID-19, while in Islamabad, there are 246 available ventilators, of which 92 have been allocated for COVID-19, and 13 are presently occupied.

‘Smart’ lockdown

According to the NCOC, in the 24 hours preceding Sunday’s update, provincial governments have taken action against industries, transporters and shops that had been found violating standard operating procedures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In Balochistan, it said, 705 violations had been observed, resulting in 629 shops, three industries and 15 vehicles being temporarily closed/fined.

In Punjab, action was taken against 965 shops, two industries and 715 transporters for 4,641 SOP violations. In Sindh, 81 shops were closed/fined/ cautioned due to 826 SOP violations. In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 398 SOP violations were reported, while action was taken against 186 shops and 106 transporters.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, 96 shops and 56 transporters were fined/sealed on 267 violations of health guidelines, while in Islamabad, 44 violations were recorded, resulting in 29 shops, two industries and 13 transporters fined/sealed. In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, 972 SOPs violations were observed resulting in 168 shops and 202 transports fined/sealed.

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