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Digitally Empowering Pakistan’s Used Cars Industry

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VavaCars offers a fast, hassle-free option for car owners looking to offload their vehicles

The rise of the Internet has changed our lives in many fundamental ways. Email, instant messaging, and social media have enhanced the ways in which we communicate and interact with one another. Search engines and online forums bring a host of information to our fingertips; and more and more of us now look online for reviews and information before purchasing a product. At the same time, evolving e-commerce has allowed us to buy or sell practically anything we want online—all easily from the comforts of our homes. Increasingly, the Digital Revolution has sought to ease our lives in all aspects.

While e-commerce has predominantly been about shopping, the digital industry has also looked at how it can utilize the power of the internet to help sellers reach new and wider audiences, and present their products or services before more and more people. This applies not only to businesses and shop owners, but also individuals. Since its initial introduction, for example, eBay has grown to become one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces not only for people looking to buy used items, but also for those looking to sell. In the past few years, a growing number of platforms—for example, online car selling platforms—have emerged with an attempt to empower individual sellers across various segments online.

One item which has historically remained cumbersome for both buyers and sellers is the automobile. Before the rise of the internet, car owners looking to buy or sell their used cars would have to rely on traditional forms of advertising and classified ads, and then go through the long drawn-out process of fielding offers from interested parties until they find someone who meets their expectations. Recognizing this gap in the market, new start-up VavaCars has come up with a fast, efficient, and hassle-free way to help car owners sell their autos instantly.

The process is literally as easy as 1,2,3 sold. It starts with a free online valuation of your car at www.vava.cars–car owners enter various details, such as vehicle make and model, year, and mileage. Within a few minutes, VavaCars provides a valuation of the car, which is followed by setting up an appointment at the nearest VavaCars Purchase Center. At the Purchase Center, experts at VavaCars inspect your car in detail for free, and give you an attractive offer on the spot. Should the customer accept the offer, the payment process is near-instantaneous. The whole experience takes around 45 minutes! And if you want to upgrade your vehicle, VavaCars offers a selection of VavaCars verified autos that you can acquire through a exchange process, allowing you to drive home in your ‘new used car’ the very same day.

Opportunities for used car sellers in Pakistan abound. “The number of used cars traded in Pakistan every year is only going to grow moving forward,” says Mujahid Khan, Country Manager for VavaCars. He adds, “The used car industry in any market usually has a very direct correlation with the new cars industry. And as more new entrants come into the market, we can expect to see the used car market grow in tandem.”

Comparing the nature of Pakistan’s used car industry to international markets, Mujahid says, “In most developed markets, such as the U.S., U.K., or Canada, as well as growth markets such as Turkey, India, and Pakistan, there is usually 4-7x ratio of used cars traded to new cars sold in any given year. One of the highest production years for Pakistan’s automobile sector in the recent past was 2018, when there were 250,000 new cars sold. Comparatively, amid the lack of data capturing and data availability in the segment, the minimum number of used cars traded every year in Pakistan is estimated to be around one million.”

Mujahid is confident that VavaCars will help strengthen and organize the country’s chaotic used car industry in the long run, while systemizing the process for customers with a focus on making the car trading experience hassle-free and transparent. The company has already started making waves in the country’s used car market with its business model of offering a fast and secure way to sell your car in three easy steps: free valuation online, free inspection at a center or at a location of your choice via the company’s Mobile Purchasing Units (MPUs), and secure payment made once the customer is satisfied.

Moreover, as Mujahid points out, not only is the company working towards organizing the chaotic used car market, it is injecting much needed foreign investment into the local economy and enabling numerous employment opportunities.The company is growing rapidly, having already set up centers in Karachi in areas around Ittehad, Tariq Road, Nazimabad, and Johar. At the same time, Vava.Cars also offers MPUs located in Clifton/DHA, PECHS, Gulistan-Johar, Gulshan FBA area, Malir, and Shah-Faisal/Quaidabad. These MPUs make the process even more accessible, by allowing car owners to have their automobiles inspected in the location of their choosing, without having to visit a purchase center. Only upon accepting an offer does the customer need to visit the Purchase Center to finalize the deal, and drop off the vehicle.

Along with buying and selling cars to consumers, VavaCars also offers Fleet Liquidation Services to companies and organizations. This is yet another pain point that VavaCars has set out to solve i.e. offering corporate clients a one stop shop solution for whenever they need to sell their used cars. Instead of going through traditional methods of advertising in print or online classifieds, or hosting auctions, companies can reach out to VavaCars for their Fleet Liquidation Service—through this service, VavaCars can help facilitate and manage auctions on behalf of the company with the help of technology and a verified based of hundreds of buyers, or can buy vehicles directly from the company in bulk. The same transparent, free, quick, and secure inspection, pricing, and selling mechanism that consumers love, is offered to corporate clients by VavaCars.

While currently operating solely in Karachi, the company has plans to go nationwide. VavaCars’ heritage comes from a global group founded over 50 years and headquartered in the U.K. VavaCars is also operational in Turkey. In Pakistan, VavaCars has streamlined the process of selling your car, ensuring car owners save time and energy, and get their car instantly valued, transparently inspected by experts, and then easily sold. So if you’re looking to sell your car—and maybe even find something to replace it with instantly—then head over to www.vava.cars right now!

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