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Government to Allocate 2% Job Quota for Disabled

by Newsweek Pakistan

Special Assistant to the P.M. also says government will soon launch Transparency Placard Placement Policy for all schools

The government will soon allocate a 2 percent quota in government employment for disabled persons across Pakistan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division Sania Nishtar said on Sunday.

The government official told state-run Associated Press of Pakistan the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government was committed to uplifting the country’s impoverished. Referring to Ehsaas, the government program launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan to reduce inequality and uplift impoverished communities, Nishtar said it was the “biggest and boldest” pro-poor initiative ever launched in Pakistan.

Ehsaas seeks to ensure the government works for all sectors of society, from the elite to the impoverished, she said, and would provide effective and comprehensive safety nets for the marginalized and the vulnerable. The program, once fully implemented, would create jobs for the poor, she added.

The official also told APP that the government was seeking to boost transparency to encourage accountability. In pursuit of this goal, she said, a Transparency Placard Placement Policy would soon be launched for all schools.

Under this program, the government would place a placard outside each school showing exactly how many teachers are employed there and how much money has been budgeted for it. Funded by the government, this policy would also be part of the government’s digital initiative and all the compiled information would also be available via a mobile app, she added.

Nishtar said that by improving accountability, and making more efficient use of government funds, the state could improve the quality of education being delivered and enhance human capital development to ensure a prosperous Pakistan.

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