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Gunmen Kill Shias in Quetta

by AFP
File Photo. Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

File Photo. Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

Extremist group Jaish-ul-Islam has claimed responsibility for the attack that left two men dead.

Gunmen in Quetta shot dead two Shia Muslims who had emigrated from neighboring Afghanistan almost a decade ago to escape violence there, police said Sunday.

Two men opened fire Saturday night on the family, from Afghanistan’s Hazara community, who were at a bus station in Quetta preparing to travel to Karachi. “A man of about 65 years of age and his 18-year-old grandson were killed in the firing at the bus terminal at Sariyab road,” said Imran Qureshi, a senior police official.

Two other men and two women family members managed to run away and take shelter. The gunmen escaped on a motorbike. Qureshi said the family had migrated from Afghanistan almost a decade ago to escape war in their homeland.

A man describing himself as a member of the banned Sunni Muslim extremist group Jaish-ul-Islam called media outlets to claim responsibility for the attack.

Quetta is the capital of Balochistan province, which is torn both by a separatist insurgency and violence directed against Shias. They make up around 20 percent of Pakistan’s population, which is largely Sunni Muslim.

According to a report by a Human Rights Watch, more than 400 Shias were killed in targeted attacks across the country in 2013.

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