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Haj Stampede’s Rising Death Toll

by AFP

File Photo. AFP

Information released by foreign officials and media shows toll far exceeding that released by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has yet to provide a breakdown of the nationalities of the 769 Muslim pilgrims it says died in the Sept. 24 Haj stampede, but many countries have announced the deaths of their citizens. The death toll given below by foreign officials and media is now 1,221, well in excess of the Saudi figure.

A list of the number of people reported dead by foreign states follows:

Iran: 464 dead
Egypt: 148 dead
Indonesia: 120 dead
Pakistan: 76 dead
Nigeria: 64 dead
Mali: 60 dead
Senegal: 54 dead
India: 51 dead
Niger: 28 dead
Morocco: 27 dead
Algeria: 24 dead
Cameroon: 20 dead
Ivory Coast: 14 dead
Ethiopia: 13 dead
Chad: 11 dead
Libya: 10 dead
Somalia: 8 dead
Kenya: 6 dead
Ghana: 5 dead
Mauritius: 5 dead
Tanzania: 4 dead
Tunisia: 4 dead
Burkina Faso: 1 dead
Burundi: 1 dead
Netherlands: 1 dead
Oman: 1 dead
Jordan: 1 dead
Benin: unspecified number of deaths

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