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Imran Khan Urges Overseas Pakistanis to Donate to COVID-19 Relief Fund

by Newsweek Pakistan

In pre-recorded message, Pakistan’s prime minister says donations vital to overcome the impact of coronavirus

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday issued an appeal to Overseas Pakistanis to donate generously to the government’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, saying the lockdowns necessary to curb the spread of the disease had increased poverty in the country.

“I want to give a message to all the overseas Pakistanis,” Khan said in a pre-recorded message shared on social media. “The lockdowns necessary to curb the spread of coronavirus—as implemented across the world—have unfortunately increased poverty,” he added, noting that it was especially bad in Pakistan, as large swathes of the population were already living below the poverty line here.

“So I am here to urge you to donate to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund,” he said, adding that he could explain the need for these funds by offering some comparisons of the relief operations being introduced globally.

“America with a population of 300 million has announced a relief package of $2.2 trillion; Pakistan with a population of 220 million has only been able to collect $8 billion so far,” he said, adding Germany and Japan had given relief of $1,000 to each of its citizens, with populations that were half that of Pakistan. “So, I call on all overseas Pakistanis to donate generously to this relief fund. There is a great need for you,” he said.

“Thanks to the Corona Relief Tiger Force, donations from overseas Pakistanis, we will emerge victorious in the jihad against coronavirus,” he added.

To make it easier for people to donate to the P.M.’s COVID Relief Fund, the Government of Pakistan has set-up a central online portal. Anyone desiring to donate to the fund can do so by going to its official website and entering in the amount they wish to donate.

According to the web portal, donors can choose to donate for rations or medical supplies, with $35 having been deemed sufficient to support 1 family for 1 month.

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