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Independents Take Lead in Tribal Polls

by Newsweek Pakistan

Abdul Majeed—AFP

Election Commission of Pakistan’s unofficial results find 6 wins for independents, 5 for PTI and 5 for other parties

The Election Commission of Pakistan on Monday announced preliminary results for the inaugural provincial elections held in Pakistan’s tribal areas over the weekend.

According to the unofficial results, independent candidates secured six seats of the 16 being contested, while the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf won five. Of the remaining five seats, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) won three, while the Awami National Party and the Jamaat-e-Islami each secured one victory.

Under ECP rules, all independent candidates are required to align themselves with a political party within three days of being officially notified of their victory. If they opt not to, they are declared independent MPAs and are not considered part of any grouping.

PTI breakdown

In PK-100 (Bajaur I), the PTI’s Anwar Zeb Khan won the polls with 12,951 votes out of 51,068 correctly cast ballots. Similarly, the PTI’s Ajmal Khan won the PK-101 (Bajaur II) constituency with 12,194 votes out of 46,358 ballots cast.

The PTI also secured an easy victory in PK-109 (Kurram II), with candidate Syed Iqbal Mian securing 39,536 votes out of 74,233 ballots cast, far ahead of runner-up independent Inayat Ali’s 22,975 votes. PK-111 (North Waziristan I) similarly went to the PTI, with candidate Muhammad Iqbal Khan winning 10,200 votes out of 36,807 cast, against runner-up Sami-ud-Din of JUIF.

PTI’s Nasirullah Khan won the PK-114 (South Waziristan II) polls with 11,114 votes out of 37,279 ballots cast.

Other parties

In PK-102 (Bajaur III), Jamaat-e-Isami’s Sirajuddin Khan won the polls with 19,088 votes out of 66,361. Meanwhile, in PK-103 (Mohmand I), the Awami National Party’s Nisar Ahmed secured 11,247 votes out of 39,311 ballots cast to emerge victorious.


Independent candidate Abbas-ur-Rehman won the PK-104 (Mohmand II) polls with 11,751 votes out of 47,560 cast. PK-105 (Khyber I) was also won by an independent, Shafiq Afridi, with 19,733 votes out of 44,976. Similarly, independent Bilawal Afridi won the PK1-106 (Khyber II) polls with 12,814 votes out of 34,314.

Independent candidates also found victory in PK-107 (Khyber III), with Muhammad Shafiq securing 9,796 votes out of 37,371 correctly cast ballots. PK-110 (Orakzai) was similarly won by an independent, with Syed Ghazi Ghazan Jamal securing 18,448 votes out of 46,836 ballots cast. PK-112 (North Waziristan also went to the independents, with Mir Kalam Khan claiming 12,057 votes out of 36,090 cast.


In PK-108 (Kurram I), the JUIF’s Muhammad Riaz won the polls with 11,948 votes out of 44,344. But runner-up Jamil Khan, an independent, also secured 11,517 votes, potentially allowing for a recounting.

JUIF also emerged victorious in PK-113 (South Waziristan I), with candidate Hafiz Aisam-ud-Din securing 10,356 votes out of 34,833 ballots counted. Muhammad Shoaib, JUIF candidate for PK-115 (Ex-Frontier Regions), won the polls with 18,102 votes out of 46,287 ballots counted. However, the runner-up, PTI’s Abdul Rehman, secured 18,028 votes, well within the margin for a recount.

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