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Indian Teen Kills Herself Over Facebook Ban

by AFP
Yoav Lemmer—AFP

Yoav Lemmer—AFP

Police in Maharashtra state are examining a suicide note found next to Aishwarya Dahiwal’s body.

A 17-year-old committed suicide in western India after her parents told her she had to stop using Facebook, police said on Friday.

College student Aishwarya Dahiwal was found hanging in her bedroom on Wednesday after an argument with her parents in Maharashtra state’s Parbhani city, according to an investigating officer who wished to remain anonymous.

“On Wednesday night, she had an argument with her parents who told her not to just use Facebook and her mobile all day for chatting,” the officer from Nanal Peth police station said. “They told her to focus on her studies. After the argument, she locked herself in her room and was found hanging later, with a suicide note nearby,” he said. Police are currently examining the note, which refers to the argument and Facebook.

Experts say that there are almost always multiple causes for a suicide, including psychiatric illnesses that may not have been recognized or treated.

Internet use remains low across India but is growing quickly, expected to reach about 200 million of the 1.2 billion-strong population by the end of 2013. About three-quarters of India’s high school students prefer Facebook over phone calls to communicate, according to a survey released in June by Tata Consultancy Services.

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