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No Pakistanis Believed Injured in Paris Attacks: Official

by Benazir Shah
Francois Guillot—AFP

Francois Guillot—AFP

Islamabad’s envoy to Paris says thus far there have been no reports of any Pakistanis injured or killed in brutal attacks.

Of the 104,000 Pakistanis currently living in France, most of them in Paris, none have been injured or killed in Friday’s attacks on the French capital.

“We have contacted the French crises center, as well as several Pakistani organizations,” says Ghalib Iqbal, Pakistan’s ambassador to France. “No Pakistanis have been injured or killed in these attacks,” he added. “However, our emergency lines are open and this is an ongoing process.”

While the Pakistani embassy is closed today, said Iqbal, emergency lines are open in case anyone requires assistance.

Ismat Parveen, the first secretary at the Pakistani embassy, said that in addition to the Pakistanis currently residing in Paris legally, there were roughly 5,000 to 8,000 illegal migrants as well. “Determining their total number is difficult,” she said, adding there was little information available.

At least eight militants, all wearing suicide vests, targeted various locations across Paris on Friday night, killing at least 128 people and injuring 180 others. The Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed more assaults in future.

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