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P.M. Khan Asks Pakistan Army to Help Clear Karachi After Rains

by Newsweek Pakistan

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In Twitter post, the prime minister says he has also asked NDMA chairman to travel to Sindh capital and help with clean up

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday night said he had asked the Pakistan Army to deploy in Karachi and help clear the metropolis of floods following a recent bout of rains that have left much of the city inundated.

The ongoing monsoon spell has left several areas of the city underwater, with filthy run-off forcing people out of their homes. According to local media, at least 10 people, including children, have died in the past week due to the flooding.

The Sindh government has repeatedly stated that the situation is much better than previous years and blamed unplanned construction for drainage issues.

“I have asked the NDMA [National Disaster Management Authority] chairman to go to Karachi immediately and start the clean up in the aftermath of the rain,” the prime minister posted on Twitter late Wednesday. “I have asked the Pak Army to also help in cleaning up the city,” he added in a subsequent post.

The prime minister’s statement came after he met Sindh Governor Imran Ismail in Islamabad and assured him that the federal government would not abandon the people of Karachi during this difficult time. He asked Ismail to coordinate the provincial and federal response to the post-rain situation to ensure the problems faced by the people could be properly addressed.

According to a statement issued after the meeting, Khan has also sought a detailed report on the situation from the NDMA.

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