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Pakistan Bans Indian Content on TV and Radio

by AFP
Courtesy Mysid

Courtesy Mysid

PEMRA says any channels, radio stations broadcasting Indian content will have their licenses suspended.

Pakistan has banned all Indian content on television and radio networks, media regulators said on Thursday, its latest salvo after recent scuffles in the disputed Kashmir region spilled into the world of Bollywood and celebrity.

The state-run Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority said in a statement it would suspend the licenses of any TV channels or radio stations without notice for flouting the ban.

The regulator said the government had authorized the ban, which will come into force from Friday, and that it has also launched a crackdown on the illegal sale of Indian satellite TV.

Tensions between the neighboring nations have soared in recent weeks after India blamed Pakistan for a raid on an army base in India-administered Kashmir on Sept. 18. Delhi responded with what it called “surgical strikes”, infuriating Islamabad, which denies any such strikes took place.

The move comes after weeks of tit-for-tat retaliation playing out in the entertainment arena, with Pakistani actors and technicians banned from working on Bollywood sets, then Bollywood films banned in Pakistani cinemas, then last week Indian cinemas refusing to show any films with Pakistani artists. Several Pakistani artists have been forced to leave India after Hindu nationalist groups piled up the pressure on Indian filmmakers.

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