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Pakistan Looks Forward to Working with U.S. to Promote Bilateral Relations: Shehbaz Sharif

In statement, prime minister felicitates people and government of U.S. on their Independence Day

by Newsweek Pakistan

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said his government looked forward to engaging with the U.S. administration of Joe Biden to promote bilateral ties, as he extended greetings to the American people and government on their 246th independence day.

The U.S. marks July 4 as its independence day annually, marking the date that the country was liberated from British rule in 1776.

“It is my pleasure to extend heartiest felicitations and greetings to the people and government of the United States on their Independence Day,” read the statement posted on Sharif on Twitter. “My government looks forward to engaging with the Biden administration at all levels to promote our bilateral relations, including trade and investment,” he added.

Similarly, Pakistan’s Ambassador the U.S. Masood Khan issued a statement congratulating the U.S. on its independence day. “Happy fourth of July and Happy Independence Day to the United States!” he wrote on Twitter. “Tribute to the founding fathers and succeeding generations that have made the U.S. a great nation,” he added.

The greetings for the U.S.’ independence day come amidst ongoing efforts by the incumbent Pakistani government to repair ties with the U.S. following claims by ousted prime minister Imran Khan that his administration was forced out through a “U.S. funded” conspiracy. Ties between the two countries had already witnessed deterioration following an end to Washington’s troop deployment in Afghanistan, but the gap widened with Khan’s—as yet unproven—allegations, which have also been denied by the country’s intelligence organizations. The U.S. has, in multiple statements, denied Khan’s claims.

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