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Pakistan Protests Air Space Violation

by AFP


Two Indian planes illegally flew over Pakistan’s Punjab province for two minutes.

Pakistan on Tuesday accused Indian jets of briefly violating its air space, days after India said one of its soldiers had been killed by Pakistani troops.

The Pakistan Air Force said it scrambled two fighter jets after two “high-speed” Indian planes crossed the border over its eastern province of Punjab at about 10:40 a.m. It said they left Pakistani air space two minutes later.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry in a statement said it had “conveyed serious concern to the Indian High Commission over the airspace violation.”

“Pakistan considers today’s air-space violation as a contravention of the 1991 agreement between Pakistan and India on prevention of air-space violations and for permitting overflights and landings by military aircraft,” it said. The foreign ministry added India should “respect all existing agreements and [confidence-building measures] that have been reached between the two countries.

India accused Pakistan last week of fomenting militancy in Indian Punjab and killing a soldier in cross-border firing. Pakistan rejected both allegations.

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