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Pakistan Soars Past 52,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

by Newsweek Pakistan


Nationwide death toll exceeds 1,100, as infections continue to spike amidst ongoing suspensions of preventative measures to curb spread

Pakistan on Saturday morning reported 1,743 new infections of the novel coronavirus, raising confirmed cases to 52,437. In the same time, 34 new deaths raised the overall fatalities to 1,101, while recoveries rose to 16,653. Nationwide, there are currently 34,683 active cases of COVID-19.

The executive board of the World Bank has approved a $500 million loan to help Pakistan improve health and education facilities, generate jobs for women and strengthen social safety nets as part of its efforts to fight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Confirmed Cases, Total – 52,437 (Tests: 460,692)

Punjab – 18,730 (Tests: 197,671)

Sindh – 20,883 (Tests: 149,566)

Balochistan – 3,198 (Tests: 19,501)

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa – 7,391 (Tests: 46,354)

Islamabad – 1,457 (Tests: 32,558)

Gilgit-Baltistan – 607 (Tests: 9,263)

Pakistan-administered Kashmir – 171 (Tests: 4,852)

Deaths – 1,101

Recoveries – 16,653

Information Minister Shibli Faraz on Friday announced a relief package for newspaper hawkers, supported by Baitul Mal and charity organization Penny Appeal Pakistan. He said that that while the government had introduced a cash assistance program for low-income earners, “in situations like these, there are some segments that are left out.”

Meanwhile, Special Assistant to the P.M. on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza warned that a rapid spike in infections had been observed in the past week, which was worrying. “If people do not follow precautions, the number of cases can increase even more and we will have no one to blame but ourselves,” he said.


On Saturday, Pakistan’s most populous province raised its confirmed cases of COVID-19 to 18,730, against 5,906 recoveries and 324 deaths, leaving 12,500 active cases of the disease.

Authorities have urged citizens to exercise caution during the upcoming Eidul Fitr festival, with calls for a “simple Eid” from various government officials and spokespersons.


Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Friday announced that Sindh province now had a recovery rate of 34 percent, against a fatality rate of 1.6 percent. However, he warned, indications were very worrying, adding that he “hoped he would be proven wrong.”

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province on Saturday morning rose to 20,883. Additionally, the province raised its casualties to 340, while its recoveries rose to 7,015. Overall, the province now has 13,528 active cases of the novel coronavirus.


Adviser to the C.M. Ajmal Wazir on Friday told people that if they have money to buy new clothes for Eid, they should consider donating it to those who had lost their livelihoods due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have to take precautions as we have to live with the virus now. People should take precautions and follow SOPs while using public transport,” he told a press conference. “If you go outside—and you shouldn’t if it is not absolutely necessary—follow social distancing protocols.”

The province recorded 16 new deaths from the novel coronavirus in the 24 hours preceding Saturday morning, bringing to 381 the total number of dead. Authorities also said the province now has 7,391 confirmed cases, with 2,297 recoveries. There are currently 4,713 active cases in the province.


The province has thus far reported 3,198 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with 39 deaths and 762 recoveries. It currently has 2,397 active cases of COVID-19, the vast majority occurring in provincial capital Quetta.

Federal Areas

Islamabad on Saturday raised its confirmed COVID-19 infections to 1,457, with 12 deaths and 152 recoveries. Presently, the Islamabad Capital Territory has 1,293 active cases of the novel coronavirus.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, cases of the novel coronavirus rose to 607, with no new deaths and 15 recoveries. Overall, it now has 4 deaths and 427 recoveries, leaving 176 active cases.

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the total number of confirmed cases has increased to 171. The region recorded no new deaths and 15 recoveries in the past 24 hours, leaving it with 1 death and 94 recoveries. There are currently 76 active cases of the virus in the disputed region.

Global Scenario

Globally, the virus has now infected more than 5,304,412 people, with over 340,000 reported deaths. Governments across the world have halted flights, locked down towns and cities and urged people to stay at home, but there are signs of easements to help shuttered economies recover. Overall, around 2,158,580 patients of the 5.3 million+ infected have recovered thus far.

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