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Perspectives (Sept. 12)

by Newsweek Pakistan


From our Sept. 5-12, 2015, issue.

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Mohammad Fida September 7, 2015 - 12:55 am

Afghanistan PM fresh observation on Pakistan shows that after taking over the present regime is desperate and want to shift the blame on others as he can’t play a result oriented diplomacy nor has succeeded to bring Taliban to negotiation table.Living in fool paradise he asked Pakistan to get together so “we may change the fate of Asia and the whole world” while in forgetting what he needs to do for own country. Neither he provided for the disabled that fought as mujaheddin against the USSR nor provided them with artificial body lambs etc. Still demanding on Pakistan to help while ignoring that it was his country that spilled terrorism into Pakistan which has costed it 70,000 dead. He should look into the scenario that developed in 1978 acknowledging the services of Pakistan for the liberation of Kabul form USSR and later providing US with the facilities to wage war on terror. In his recent press briefing he was not concerned about the environmental damages that Pakistan sustained due to 3 million strong refugees that UNO had promised to be paying. This shows that he is just happy within his office and using Pakistan as his space goat to keep going but such attitude would not resolve the problems Afghanistan is faced with. I think he needs coaching in diplomacy and public administration too which USA can arranged for him. His approaches are out dated to be of the bi-polar world order era and badly need a refresher course on village world besides know how of public admen.


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