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PTA Directs YouTube to Block ‘Indecent’ Content in Pakistan

by Newsweek Pakistan

File photo. Bulent Kilic—AFP

Regulatory body urges video-sharing platform to implement moderation to detect ‘unlawful’ material as it is posted

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Thursday issued a press release confirming that it had asked video-sharing platform YouTube to block any content that was deemed “vulgar, immoral, nude and hate speech.”

In its statement, issued on Thursday night, the PTA said it had asked the popular website to block all offensive content from viewing in Pakistan. “PTA has done so keeping in view the extremely negative effects of indecent/immoral/nude content available on YouTube and to prevent repugnant discord due to the presence of hate speech and sectarian material,” it added.

The state-run regulatory body said it had approached YouTube to immediately block the “objectionable content” and ensure it was not used to disseminate such material. “In addition, the platform has been directed to put in place an effective content monitoring and moderation mechanism so that the unlawful material is detected/deleted and not accessible in Pakistan,” it added.

The PTA release does not specify the type of content it deems “vulgar” and/or “immoral.” Critics on social media have pointed out that the vague declaration leaves great space for the government to block dissenting voices over claims that they are advocating “hate speech” or posting “indecent” content.

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