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Rana Sanaullah Threatens Legal Action against ‘Hecklers’ of Citizens

Interior minister claims government can block the passports and CNICs of anyone who seeks to restrict right of people’s freedom of movement

by Staff Report

Photo courtesy PID

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday warned of legal proceedings, including registration of cases, arrests and even “blocking” of identity cards and passports, against anyone proven to be involved in heckling of individuals and restricting their freedom of movement under Article 15 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

“[In light of] A so-called political party and its insanity-stricken leader’s campaign to sow political hate and instigate unrest, I want to address all Pakistanis, especially supporters of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) on the security measures being taken to counter it,” he wrote in a series of posts on Twitter. Urging the public to exercise restraint if they encountered any heckling by PTI supporters, he advised recording the interaction via mobile phones.

“Make videos of any individuals involved [in the harassment],” he said, adding that this should be sent via social media or WhatsApp to the cybercrime director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). “Full proceedings, including registration of cases, arrests and even blocking of their CNICs and passports, will be initiated to ensure citizens’ right to ‘Freedom of Movement’ as enshrined under Article 15 of the Constitution,” he wrote. “If the [offender] continues to harass you and resorts to physical abuse, you are free to exercise your right to self-defense,” he added.

It is unclear what law Sanaullah is referring to when he claims the passports and identity cards of any potential offenders would be blocked. While he did not specify what prompted him to issue the statement, it is likely a response to the harassment of Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal last week. In an interaction that went viral on social media, Iqbal was heckled by a family at a restaurant on the motorway. The offending party, reportedly supporters of the PTI, eventually sought an apology from the minister, who said he would not pursue any legal action against them.

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