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Sindh’s COVID-19 Cases Jump to 4,956

by Newsweek Pakistan

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Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah reiterates that the only means of prevention is social distancing as there is no medicine or cure for COVID-19

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Sindh province reached 4,956 on Monday, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said at a meeting of his cabinet, as he urged citizens to continue practicing social distancing to avoid being infected with the virus.

“In the past 24 hours, Sindh has conducted 2,743 tests, of which 341 have been found to be infected with the coronavirus,” said the chief minister, adding that this meant 12.6 percent of the people tested had been diagnosed with COVID-19. “Overall, from day 1, our ratio [of infections] is now at 11.2 percent,” he added.

Overall, said Shah, it had been 62 days since the coronavirus first emerged in Pakistan on Feb. 26. He said the Sindh government had thus far conducted 43,949 tests. “There have been 53 recoveries in the past 24 hours; overall recoveries are now at 925,” he said, adding that unfortunately 4 new deaths had also been reported, raising the provincial death toll to 85.

Providing details, the Sindh chief minister said the province had 3,947 active cases, of which 2,705 were in home isolation. “There are 825 people in government-run isolation centers, and 417 others in various hospitals,” he added.

“We have tried from the very first day to overcome and control this outbreak by urging people to exercise social distancing,” said Shah. “There is no cure or medicine for this virus yet; the only way to prevent its spread is by staying home and avoiding large public gatherings,” he added.

Punjab update

Meanwhile, the Punjab Disaster Management Authority also updated the figures reported from the province overnight. It said that the province’s total COVID-19 cases had now reached 5,526, with 84 deaths and 1,183 recoveries. Of the 4,259 active cases, 22 are currently in critical condition.

According to the PDMA, 95 health workers in Punjab have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, including 57 doctors. It said Lahore had the largest number of “non-quarantine” citizens testing positive for the virus, with 1,261 cases from the provincial capital.

Overall, Pakistan now has 13,749 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with 286 deaths.

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