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Six Pakistani Soldiers Killed In Ambush

by AFP
A. Majeed—AFP

A. Majeed—AFP

Six soldiers, four militants killed after Army convoy patrolling Matani area is attacked.

Militants ambushed an Army convoy in northwest Pakistan late on Wednesday, killing six soldiers and wounding two others, military officials said.

The vehicles were patrolling the Matani area, 25 kilometers south of Peshawar, when they came under attack. The province is on the frontline of a seven-year Taliban insurgency and borders the semiautonomous tribal belt, where U.S. drone strikes target Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives.

“Militants used rockets and small arms and an exchange of fire continued for about 15 minutes,” a military official said. Six soldiers embraced “martyrdom” and two were wounded, he said, adding that at least four militants were also killed.

A security official in Peshawar confirmed the attack and the military casualties. He said five terrorists were killed in the clash. At least one military vehicle was destroyed in the ambush, the security official added.

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