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Two Killed in Attack Targeting ANP

by AFP
Asif Hassan—AFP

Asif Hassan—AFP

Another six injured in grenade attack at Karachi’s Buner neighborhood.

A hand grenade attack targeting the office of a political party late Sunday killed at least two people and wounded six others in Karachi, police said.

The attack, which took place in the city’s impoverished neighborhood of Buner town, came a day after two separate bomb explosions in Karachi killed four people and wounded seven others.

“It was a grenade attack that targeted office of Awami National Party [ANP], killing two people and wounding six others,” according to senior local police official Tahir Naveed.

The ANP is the leading secular party in the ethnic Pashtun northwest and has a large vote bank in Karachi.

Another senior police official, Najeeb Khan, confirmed the incident and casualties. He said two attackers arrived on a motorbike, threw the grenade and fled.

On Saturday a bomb targeting a government official exploded in the Eesa Nagri area, killing a police officer and wounding seven people including the official. A second bomb exploded minutes later, killing three people inside a house in the Patel Parra area of the city.

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