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Guard Shoots Dead Masked 11-Year-Old Boy

by AFP
T. J. Kirkpatrick—AFP

T. J. Kirkpatrick—AFP

Boy in monster mask startled armed guard, who claims to have hit boy mistakenly.

A security guard in Pakistan has shot dead an 11-year-boy wearing a monster mask who apparently startled him, officials said Monday.

Ali Hasan was reportedly goofing around when he approached the armed guard from behind with the disguise on his face, unnerving him and prompting him to open fire in an upscale neighborhood of Karachi late Sunday.

The guard, Ghulam Nabi, has been arrested and charged with murder, police officer Sohail Khan told AFP. “He said he meant to shoot in the air but in haste he hit the boy,” Khan said.

Private security companies are a lucrative business in Pakistan due to rampant thefts and robberies. They provide armed guards to businesses and residences and charge high fees, but pay very little to guards who have to work long hours, often without any holiday.

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