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Indian Pair Jailed for Recruiting, Fundraising for I.S.

by AFP

File Photo. Asif Hassan—AFP

Both men, in their mid-twenties, have been sentenced to seven years imprisonment

Two men accused of fundraising and recruiting for the Islamic State group in India were sentenced to seven years in jail on Friday, an official said.

India’s counterterrorism body, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), arrested Azhar-ul-Islam and Mohammad Farhan Shaikh last year after the United Arab Emirates deported them for illegal fundraising activities. “Both of them were already in jail, and were today sentenced to seven years in prison by the court,” Alok Mittal, an inspector general at the NIA, told AFP.

The duo, both in their mid-twenties, had pleaded guilty to charges of criminal conspiracy last month “without any pressure, threat, coercion or undue influence” according to the Press Trust of India.

In a news release late Friday, NIA said the two of them had acted as a front group for the I.S. and incited people of different nationalities to travel to Syria to “join and support” the activities of the group. The men were active on social networks and promoted the I.S. ideology on WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook to enlist new recruits and assist others to link up with the I.S.

They also raised cash for I.S.—which controls swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria—receiving and transferring funds in the U.A.E. where the pair frequently traveled for work.

“They had also raised, collected and received funds in the U.A.E. and transferred it to their associates in India, Philippines and Tunisia to facilitate their travel to Syria to join I.S.,” the NIA said in the statement. A third accused, Adnan Hassan, will face trial starting in June.

Friday’s verdict comes a day after Indian police arrested 10 suspected I.S. sympathizers in raids conducted across four states. The government insists I.S. does not have a foothold in India, which has a large but traditionally moderate Muslim minority.

There have been some reports of Indians going to fight for the group in Iraq and Syria, but the numbers are low relative to India’s population of 1.2 billion.

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