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Ruthless in Ramzan

by Newsweek Pakistan

File Photo. Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

A Christian worker’s untimely death in Sindh betrays the hypocrisy of the fasting faithful

On June 2, Ifran Masih, a Christian who cleaned sewers in Sindh’s Umerkot, was allowed to die because Dr. Jam Kambar of the district’s civil hospital found him “too filthy” to treat. Kambar claimed he was fasting and could not sully himself by associating with uncleanliness in the holy month of Ramzan. Two other Muslim doctors, Dr. Yusuf and Dr. Allahdad Rathore, also shrank piously from saving Masih’s life.

Masih was serving the Muslim population of Umerkot during the sacred month by clearing an obstruction that had been reported by local residents. After he descended into the manhole in the scorching summer heat, he reportedly fainted after breathing the toxic gas rising from the sewer. Seeing him fall, two other sanity workers—also Christian—jumped in to save him but also lost consciousness.

Masih’s family carried his unconscious body to the hospital where the doctors were too pious to touch him. Then something even more unforgivable happened. After Masih’s brother Pervaiz cleaned his body, doctors gave him an oxygen tank to help in his resuscitation. That tank turned out to be empty, resulting in Masih’s untimely death.

Muslims claim special piety during the holy month of Ramzan when Allah revealed His religion to them. Sacred posturing is annually revealed when Muslims experience profiteering in food markets, even as many shirk the workplace over hunger pangs in the name of Allah. Umerkot has showcased this hypocrisy more starkly and revealed commonalties between the ultra-pious and ultra-violent.

Muslim terrorists too boast a superior brand of Islam as an excuse to kill their fellow men—Muslims and otherwise—in the holy month of Ramzan. Osama bin Laden made a point of killing Muslims during the holy month, but when the dastardly Americans killed him in Abbottabad, many pious Muslim were the ones most offended by his death. Now Abubakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State is continuing in bin Laden’s footsteps, and the misinformed fasting masses are paving the way for his brand of pious tyranny.

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