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Statement of Afghan Envoy’s Daughter Differs from Probe Results: Foreign Office

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Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Visiting Afghan delegation informed of detailed investigation and urged to provide additional information from complainant

A delegation from Afghanistan that visited Islamabad to probe the alleged abduction of envoy Najibullah Alikhil’s daughter from Islamabad has been informed that the results of the investigation do not corroborate her statement of July 16.

Last month, Silsila Alikhil was reportedly abducted while on a shopping tour of the federal capital. Following the reported abduction, Kabul recalled the ambassador, his family, and other senior diplomats from Pakistan, stressing they would only return after “all security threats are removed.” Ties between Islamabad and Kabul also suffered as a result of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed declaring, within days of the incident, that it was a “drama” that was hatched by India’s spy agency.

In a statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said the visiting Afghan delegation had been informed that law-enforcement agencies had conducted a detailed and thorough investigation into Alikhil’s complaint, but their findings could not corroborate her claims. “A comprehensive witness account also led to the conclusion that the findings on the ground did not corroborate the report by the complainant,” it said, adding that they were shown video footage of the complainant from the day of the incident and were also taken for on-site visits and provided technical data.

On certain aspects of the case, it said, relevant Pakistani authorities had reiterated an earlier request for provision of additional information, and access to evidence and the complainant. “The delegation was also informed of the measures taken for enhanced security of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad and its Consulates,” it said.

“Pakistan attaches high importance to its relations with Afghanistan,” it emphasized. “At this critical juncture in the Afghan peace process, it is extremely important to work jointly for the shared objective of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan. Pakistan hopes that the Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad would soon resume its normal operations,” it added.

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