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‘Pakistani Butcher’ Arrested in Hungary

by AFP

T. J. Kirkpatrick—AFP

Wanted for 70 murders, 35-year-old had an international arrest warrant on his head

A Pakistani man wanted by Interpol for “70 contract murders” has been arrested in Hungary among a group of migrants caught trying to reach Austria, police said on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old Pakistani man was discovered when the group was apprehended near Hungary’s southern borders on Tuesday, police in Bacs-Kiskun county told AFP in a statement. “Pakistan has issued an international arrest warrant for murder for [the man] who was then arrested,” said the statement, without providing further details.

Detectives in nearby Austria said that the man, who is allegedly known as the “Pakistani butcher,” is a professional gunman accused of “around 70 contract murders” in Pakistan.

The migrants were being smuggled to Austria before being caught at Boly, which is 175 kilometers south of Budapest and near Hungary’s borders with Croatia and Serbia, said the statement by the Austrian Federal Criminal Bureau.

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