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Seven Suspected Militants Killed in Karachi

by AFP
Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

Rizwan Tabassum—AFP

Rangers spokesman claims the seven men were plotting rocket, grenade and suicide attacks in the city.

Seven militants who were plotting rocket, grenade and suicide attacks in Karachi have been killed in two raids by paramilitary Rangers, a spokesman for the force said Tuesday.

The raids, which began Monday night and continued Tuesday morning, also saw the recovery of a major cache of weapons and explosives.

Police and Rangers since 2013 have been carrying out a major cleanup operation in the city, which has reduced the level of violent crime. But critics accuse them of staging firefights to carry out hundreds of extra-judicial killings, and neither the death toll nor the identity of those killed in the latest raids could be immediately verified.

The first took place in the Mominabad shantytown and was met by fierce resistance, according to a statement by the Rangers. It said four militants were killed, including one who blew himself up, while another was arrested.

Automatic weapons, about 16 kilograms of explosives, suicide vests containing seven kilograms of explosives and 500 kilograms of metal nuts and bolts were recovered from the hideout. “There were authentic intelligence reports that the terrorists were plotting to use the explosives to carry out a big terrorist attack in Karachi,” the statement said.

Three more militants including another suicide bomber who blew himself up were killed in a second raid Tuesday morning, the statement said. One Ranger was injured. The Rangers recovered rockets, six suicide vests, rifles, automatic weapons, 60 kilograms of explosives and three improvised explosive devices.

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