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Islamic State Releases Video Threatening Iran

by AFP


Militant group sets sights on Shia-majority nation over its support for Iraq and Syria governments.

The Islamic State group threatened Iran for its role in the region’s conflicts, in a rare Farsi-language propaganda video released on Monday.

The 36-minute video, entitled The Farsi Land: From Yesterday till Today, was issued through I.S.’s social media channels from Diyala province in neighboring Iraq. A masked man directs his message to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“O, Khamenei, you cursed person who controls the so-called Islamic Iranian regime, rest assured that soon we will destroy your house like this,” he says, pointing to ruins behind him. Several captured soldiers are decapitated in the video, one of whom is wearing a “Ya Hossein” badge, indicating that he is a Shia fighter.

Shia-majority Iran has been a key backer of the Syrian and Iraqi governments as they seek to root out I.S. and other Sunni rebels, sending thousands of fighters and military advisers. I.S. and other extremists consider Shias to be apostates, and the video accuses Iranians of persecuting Sunnis over the centuries and into modern times.

“We will conquer Iran and restore it to the Sunni Muslim nation as it was before,” says another man in the video.

The video also chastises Iran for its tolerance toward Jews. “Iran raised its slogans against the U.S. and Israel to deceive the Sunnis while Iranian Jews live safely in Iran under its protection, and it has provided them with temples and churches as seen in Tehran and Isfahan,” the narrator says.

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