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by Newsweek Pakistan
Tauseef Mustafa—AFP

Tauseef Mustafa—AFP

Uri, Sept. 18

On Sept. 18, militants stormed the Indian Army base in Uri killing 17 soldiers and injuring 15. New Delhi—which has spent the summer shooting, blinding and maiming men, women and children in the part of Kashmir under its punishing occupation—claims the militants were from Jaish-e-Mohammad, and it blames Islamabad for the attack. The routine clamor for war has picked up and is assisted by bizarre statements from both sides. Pakistan’s defense minister has accused India of staging the Uri attack to draw global attention away from its brutal Kashmir summer, and several prominent Indians have called for hurling nukes at Pakistan. But don’t prepare the bomb shelters just yet. We’ve been here before. As Pakistani journalist Zarrar Khuhro put it, “One day we will tell our grandchildren of the Great Indo-Pak Twitter War of September ’16.”

From our Sept. 24 – Oct. 8, 2016, issue.

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